Stephen McCaffrey

Stephen McCaffrey

Stephen McCaffrey - Direct Access Barrister and Consultant
  • Medical Law
  • Licensing Law
  • Criminal Law
Professional & academic
  • Inns of Court School of Law (Outstanding).
  • University College London (LLB Hons)
  • Head of Chambers at Kings View Chambers
  • Institute of Directors
  • Middle Temple
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • South Eastern Circuit


Stephen is a busy practising barrister with a proven track record of success and years of experience. I consult and defend in all areas of criminal defence, licensing and regulatory work achieving most successful results in pre-court stages. Experience drawn from involvement in major criminal trials and licensing challenges has acquired Stephen outstanding legal ability and advocacy.

Stephen is Head of Chambers at Kings View Chambers. This is recognition of his huge success in his area of work. It also means he has great resources at his disposal. Stephen has several business interests outside of the Bar so is well aware of the need for focus on results and practicalities. The result is all that matters.

My approach

“I always focus on the practical implications of everything. Rather than become engrossed in the interesting aspects of the case focus always remains on what the objectives are i.e. what the client wants and needs.

I like to become involved in a case as early as possible to make sure it has been tailored to suit, as far as possible, the need at a hearing or trial.

Prior to practice at the Bar I worked in a busy North London criminal defence firm where I quickly established a strong client base and was given responsibility for the most grave and complex cases in the firm. All of this experience means I focus my advice and practice on client needs.

It is my appreciation for client care and dedication to work which explains my loyal following of direct access clients both in law and business.

Routinely undertaking top level work I have never failed to exceed all expectations and have become widely respected for this. Renowned for my 'hands on' approach to all cases I am fast to meet clients and become involved in case strategy and management from the earliest opportunity. This is the best way to obtain good results.”